• Consulting – Luxury Resorts West provides Real Estate development consulting on those first steps:
    • Site location
    • Land assembly and amalgamation
    • Development Permit Approval
    • Legal, including Disclosure Statement drafting
    • Construction
    • Operations and budgeting
    • Rezoning
  • Strategic Planning – You have a vision and an ideal property location, now what? Luxury Resorts West has a team of experienced individuals along with vast knowledge to plan out your next steps. From idea to development plan and through to completion of construction. Our team has the skills to put together a tactical real estate development plan.
  • Market Research – An important part of a development plan is the market research. Luxury Resorts West takes the time to analyze demand for homes, condos or apartments, site evaluation, competition in the area and local pricing.
  • Feasibility Study – We evaluate the feasibility of market conditions; complete an analysis of accessibility; profitability; and cost assessments with a financial pro forma.
  • Pre-Construction – Luxury Resorts West’s services include sourcing requests for estimates, scheduling construction start to completion dates and professional design.
  • Design – We work with a professional designer, Design Cents, on each resort development project for interior design as well as exterior.  Luxury Resorts West design standards are set high to increase exchange values through resort’s exchange programs and enhance rental income opportunities for owners.
  • Construction – We have a knowledgeable team to oversee construction process, cost monitoring and liaison with inspections.
  • Post-Construction – We like to be involved right to the end so that we know our client’s expectations are fulfilled. We do a complete walk through with buyers and follow up with any warranty issues.
  • Market Research – Luxury Resorts West has a very strong background in marketing and a knowledgeable team that manages market research to target the right individuals for prospective purchasers.
  • Strategic Marketing – Our Marketing team is committed to customized planning and executing tactical plans based on our market research.   Our team is current on today’s marketing strategies.
  • Pre-Sales – We have a very professional and experienced sales team that will engage prospects in pre-sale conversations and expertly guide clients through the purchase process.
  • Customer Management – We sustain communications with all of our clients and use sophisticated systems to manage how and when we make contact for our prosperous sales program. Keeping clients engaged for sales and sales referrals is key to our success.
  • Sales Team – Our Luxury Resorts West sales team is made up of experienced professionals who pride themselves in their knowledge, integrity, and loyalty to present product with competence.
  • Conveyance – The final stage to the sales process is managed by our administration team to ensure Lawyers have proper documents and purchase transactions complete on time. We execute by way of exceptional communication skills to keep everyone involved updated with the sales progress.